The Global Food Supply Chain has become increasingly strained for many years and for different reasons, including what is known as financialization which is the increasing linkage between food supply and the financial markets.
The problem with the financial market is price increases on scarcity which works very well for speculators but disastrous for nations trying to feed its people.

Another issue is the challenge of feeding a growing world population with lower amounts of arable land and fresh water resources.
This is where Africa comes in as it has the largest amount of arable land and fresh water resources in the world as well as a young growing economy.

Therefore, it holds a lot of potential for agricultural production and consumption in the short, medium and long term especially as it is experiencing large migration from the villages to the cities.

In this course, we will explore these and other challenges to the global food supply chain and the place Africa will play in providing solutions to these challenges going forward.
We will also look at case studies of the supply chain of various food products coming out of Africa as a means to highlight key opportunities for investors that will like to invest now into this sector.

























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Message from Evans Osemwegie

(Course Convenor)

I am investing in Africa, because Africa is the investment of the century. As I look across the globe right now, I am seeing strong investment opportunities only in Africa. The fundamentals are very attractive, risk has become manageable, volatility has become more stable as African governments have taken major steps towards reformation. Despite, all of these advances, the global financial markets are still placing a very high risk premium on investments in Africa. This has created a gap between perceived risks and actual risks.

The result of this gap in risk perception, has created another gap, which is between price and value. Therefore, from an investor's perspective, the value of an investment in Africa is much greater than the price, this makes returns on investments in Africa on a risk adjusted basis the most superior in the world today and this is likely to continue in the foreseeable future.

Africa has about 1,2 billion people right now, almost the same as China. We saw the global boom that took place when China industrialized. I believe that we will see an economic boom of a greater scale right now as Africa industrializes. It is much better than China for three main reasons:

- It has all the resources that it needs internally, so it does not have to import anything;
- It has a very young and growing population;
- It is rapidly industrializing but its pattern of industrializing is very unusual. This is because Africa has rapidly adopted technology, therefore it is industrializing at a faster pace than other nations and regions have done historically. The overall results of this is greater productivity and productivity, more than anything else is responsible for the wealth of nations.

These three reasons alone gives it a major head start over other nations and regions that previously industrialized. Finally, the African Free Trade Agreement will unlock Africa’s huge internal markets, which will make it almost completely independent from the world and it will be able to negotiate on its own terms.

The main purpose for this membership is to bring together a group of people I call 'Bridge Builders'. This is a group of people committed to help bridge the gap between where Africa is and where it needs to be to achieve its potential as a global leader. 

This group will be trained in key sectors across the African economy and eventually, they will become co investors with us investing in African assets. Throughout the membership program, we will supply them with the tools needed to build a strong portfolio of African investments and create a lasting impact in the continent.



This membership is designed for serious investors that are tired of the bland investment products currently in the global market.

Our ideal member is a mission driven investor that wants to make extremely good investment returns on their investments while making a practical difference for millions of people.

This member also recognizes that Africa is a complex market and there has to be a learning process and they are committed to learn all they have to learn to succeed in this market.

Africa indeed is an investor's dream land. Many have tried for years to benefit from this continent. However, from our experiences, which have been both - good and bad, we understand the importance of taking time to learn so that the investments will be successful. There are no shortcuts for investing, especially in Africa. It takes a lot of study, discipline and commitment to be successful.

If this is you, then we urge you to join this program to industrialize this amazing continent.

See you at the other side!


Course structure

  • Course outline is broken into 12 primary subjects
  • Each subject consists of 8 hrs of learning
  • 1 lesson per week
  • Each lesson 2 hrs
  • Total course time: 12 months (96 hrs) | 1 subject per month (8 hrs)
  • If any live session missed out, you will be able to watch it in your own time by accessing your content library (all automatically recorded and uploaded live lessons, Q&A and all additional videos on demand).

Hands on

  • 1x per week 2 hrs Q&A session with Evans. (Questions must be submitted the day before).
  • As we are building functional and very practical investing unit, made up of committed investors for Africa, we have created opportunity, where each person can ask personalized questions that might not be appropriate to ask in the classes, or it occurs to people usually after the classes.
  • Free access to our additional 'knowledge base' (seminars about various industries, specific investment opportunities, case studies etc.
  • Direct access of curated list of VIP Investment opportunities of Africa.
  • At least one trip to Africa. Terms and Conditions apply.
  • Investor Community
    Through our unique social Africa Investors Community, you will be continuously connected to a group of like minded investors and investment professionals that are investing in the continent of Africa. This is designed simply for our community of investors to share interests, ideas and systems to get richer (or stay rich) while transforming Africa!


  • Our strategy to get you educated about this market, it will be as practical as possible. Every month, we will uncover industry by industry to gain a full understanding of the processes involved in investing on the African continent. Every industry module will be backed up with life case studies as well as exploring practical real life investment opportunities and how to take advantage of them.
  • Evans will lead the course and will focus on the investment sections. He will teach structuring, risk management, portfolio management for each sector because each sector requires a different approach as they have different cash flow, profitability and structuring profiles.
  • Other industry leaders will take you and show you the inner workings, challenges and successes. We will discuss, analyze, have fun together. Knowledge is great, but applied knowledge is even greater.