Welcome to the Africa Investment Academy!


Is the only institution in the world, that is
focused on systematically educating investors
on HOW and WHERE to invest successfully
in Africa.




Through this course, we are developing a group of like minded, dedicated, knowledgable
and experienced investors, that can partner with Africa on her
development process and at the same time creating generational wealth for
themselves and their families.



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Course Benefits


You will gain an in depth understanding of the various aspects of investing in 12 key sectors on the continent of Africa.

Investor Forum

Through our unique social Africa Investors Forum, you will be continuously connected to a group of like minded investors and investment professionals that are investing on the continent of Africa.


You will gain a network of influential contacts in both, the private and public sectors, that will help ensure that your investments in Africa are successful.


As part of your ongoing development as an investor in Africa, you will gain access to participate in the policy making process concerning foreign direct investments in various countries accross the continent of Africa.


VIP access to the best investment opportunities across the African continent. Verified and approved by various governments in Africa and International Financial Institutions.

Ready to Invest

Our graduates will gain a complete system, structure, strategies, ideas, knowledge, know how, and much more, in order to build generational wealth from investing in the African continent.


Course Structure
- Course convenor: Evans Osemwegie (about convenor, please read by clicking on any course subject above this page)
- Course outline is broken into 12 primary subjects;
- Each subject consists of 16 hrs of learning;
- 2 lessons per week;
- Each lesson 2 hrs;
- Course duration: 12 months (192 hrs) | 1 subject per month (16 hrs).

If any live session missed out, you will be able to watch it in your own time by accessing your content library (all automatically recorded and uploaded live lessons, Q&A and all additional videos on demand).

Guest Lecturers
Guest lecturers are from various organizations.
Ranging from government officials (in various African countries), international Investors, investment professionals from international organizations (like the United Nations, Africa Development Bank, International Finance Corporation), to African entrepreneurs, exporters, farmers and other industry leaders, civil society leaders and much more.


Hands on
- 1x per week 2 hrs Q&A session with Evans. (Questions must be submitted the day before).
As we are building functional and very practical investing unit, made up of committed investors for Africa, we have created opportunity, where each person can ask personalized questions that might not be appropriate to ask in the classes, or it occurs to people usually after the classes.
- In depth materials, which includes 96 h of teaching per the whole period of course.


Africa's Technical Data
Free access to our additional 'knowledge base' (seminars about various industries, specific investment opportunities, case studies etc.)
(Seminars on demand)

Investment Opportunities
Curated list of VIP  Investment opportunities of Africa.                                                                                                                                                                                      

Africa Trip
At least one trip to Africa (subject to Covid-19 restrictions).
Terms and Conditions apply                                                                                                                       

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